Free Product Key for Windows XP

This windows is the operating system that was created in the year 2001 by Microsoft. The activation keys for the windows XP are free. The version Windows XP is a product of Microsoft which they released in the year 2001. Windows Vista then succeeded Windows XP. Windows XP got reviews that were positive from its users. The critics noted an increase in performance, a hardware support that is improved, the multimedia capabilities are expanded and a user interface that is more intuitive. It had its own product key for the Windows XP. At first, there were concerns about the licensing model that was new and the activation system for the product. It eventually got to be famous and used widely. Windows XP comes with windows XP activation keys. Windows XP is the third most popular Windows version.

Windows XP activation keys

On purchase of genuine windows, free activation keys are provided. This helps to ensure the use of windows that are genuine. On getting the twenty five digit activation keys for the Windows XP, always follow the right process for activation of windows in the system.

Below you will find a set of non-working product keys for Windows XP. Since software needs to be purchased in order to acquire a license or product key, we can not offer them to you. The ones posted below are just for example and have been voided.


Activation of Windows XP

To successfully activate the windows XP, the steps involved are; clicking on the Windows XP start button after the installation of the windows, go for the option on my computers then select properties and the click on properties. Then, check the windows activation so as to click on the change of the product key and ensure to press okay. The Windows XP activation keys can either be typed or copied and pasted into the dialogue activation box, and then press okay. After entering the product key for activation, press okay then restart system so as to use the Windows XP without any interruption.

Location of the product key that is meant for the Windows XP

  1. On the original DVD or CD for the windows XP is where the activation key for the windows will be at. If the original DVD or Disc is misplaced, it will be challenging to find the key again. Due to encryptions that are used in Microsoft, locating the key manually will have a negligible percentage for success.
  2. Using a program for finding the key so as to extract it. For the program to be effective, there has to be an installation of a copy of the Windows on the computer by the use of the stock key.  After windows boots; the program for key finding is downloaded and installed on Windows. It is then run. The button for finding serial number is then clicked on and the program shall display on the monitor or screen the PCs serial number. The serial code can be written down for future use.
  3. Utilizing the free serial keys meant for the windows XP. The method is quite simple and easy. The only task is scrolling down and the copying of the serial key so as to enable proceeding with installation of the windows XP. 

Activation of windows XP when the key is unavailable

Windows XP can be installed and activated even when the key is missing. The procedure is: the Start button in the Windows is clicked on and the Run wizard is opened. A wizard is also referred to as a dialogue box. In the dialogue box, “Regedit” is typed and the Enter button is pressed. After the editor for registry pops up, expansion is done for the entry of LOCAL MACHINE HKEY. The software is opened and WPAEvents are opened. Under the local machine is software, then Microsoft, NT Windows, the CurrentVersion and then WPAEvents. On opening of the entry registry, on the panel on the right side is the OOBETimer. To change the value of OOBDETimer, ensure to double click. All the values are then highlighted and deleted and the value FFD571D68B6FD53393FD then click okay.

The WPAEvents is right clicks and permissions is clicked on. On the appearance of the window for permissions, the SYSTEM tab is click on and the option for denying full control is selected. Okay is clicked then a yes on the screen that appears next. The editor registry is then exited. Windows should be restarted and after restarting, the Start button is pressed so as to bring the Run wizard. To bring up information on the system, enter the command “%system.” The windows has thus been activated without having to use the key meant for the Windows XP.

Steps for establishing the windows version for the computer 

 The method is; clicking on the windows’ start button then opening of the open system, this is done from the start menu. Computer is then right clicked and properties are clicked on. Going to the tab for the system will show same system type results.

Using the windows XP for professional and home keys

The steps for the changes are; the start button is clicked on. The computer is right clicked and the properties prompt is opened. On the bottom part, Windows Activation is clicked on. There will be the option for changing the windows key for professional. The option is clicked on and the serial key is entered. The wizard is left so that the activation process can be completed.


Always use windows that are genuine other than a copy. The windows that are genuine will not lead to interruption or problems. Windows that are genuine will have full support from Microsoft who is the manufacturer. Genuine activation keys and genuine windows will be essential in getting the best from windows products.

There are two licensing agreement types for the Windows. The two are; the Key Volume Licensing (VLK) and the Volume Licensing meant for Organization (VOL). If a product has VOL on it, this will mean there is no need for getting the operating system for windows. If it contains VKL, then the product key for installation of the operating system has to be genuine.

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