Windows 10 – Tips and Tricks Online Courses

With more people using Microsoft Windows than ever before, it’s amazing how many people are just using the software for what they know and not diving deeper into what’s really possible.

To help individuals learn more about what’s possible when using Microsoft Windows 10 and the applications and software associated with it, we recommend taking a look at the following online courses and reference guides.

When looking for any online courses or training material, it’s always a good idea to read the reviews and ratings from previous students and customers as well. This will give you a quick preview on what to expect.

Windows 10 – Tips, Tricks and Techniques

If you want to learn more about Windows 10 and everything it has to offer, this course from Udemy is loaded with a unique supply of tips, tricks, tutorials and video course material that all users will enjoy. The course is also loaded with the following:

  • Windows key – the most powerful key on the keyboard
  • Windows keyboard shortcuts – learn the most useful commands
  • Windows file explorer – learn some tips and use it effectively
  • Windows Task/Timeline – go back in your work history
  • Windows useful Apps & Utilities
  • Windows multiple Desktops

Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks: Get in Pro Mode

For advanced users and professionals that rely on Microsoft applications and software, we recommend you take a look at this Microsoft Office Tips and Tricks course for experts.

When looking at the contents of this course, you can expect to learn the following key points and best practices:

  • Improve your ability to do your work in Less Time
  • Use Keyboard shortcuts that will save you hours of working by Mouse
  • Improve your way of dealing with Office Tools with hidden
  • Tips and Tricks Increase your productivity by many factors

No matter how skilled you think you might be right now, you will definitely be must faster and more effective after reviewing this course material.

The Best Windows and Software Resources

If you are having a hard time with Windows 10 or any other Microsoft software, we recommend you take a look at each of the reference guides, tutorials and online courses mentioned above.

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