Free Product Key for Windows 10

Activation of the Windows ten is dependent on the activation key meant for windows ten. The keys are free with the probability of success being at one. There is a choice to select the Home key meant for windows ten for the users who are non-commercial. If the windows is required for an organization, then Pro version or the windows ten Enterprise can be used.

If there is no key, then proceeding on the use of windows ten will be challenging. The only way out is the use of generic version which will run the operating system of windows ten successfully for thirty days. This can be extended until ninety days are over. For every version, there is need for ten keys that will be used for installation of a lifetime windows activation. Some of the generic keys are VK7JGNPHTMC9NPGT3V66T that is meant for Pro edition of windows ten and the TX9XD98N7V6WMQ6BX7FGH8Q99 that is made for the windows ten home.

If there is a need for a clean installation for windows ten on same machine, all the user has to do is download ISO file then saving it in either a USB, DVD or a portable drive. Then the setup is run for installation cleaning.

During installation, windows will ask for a windows ten serial key. After the process is completed, the windows copy shall automatically activate on connection to the internet. This is because the hardware wasn’t changed.

Serial keys meant for activation of windows ten

If the license for windows ten was purchased then there is a product key that is unique that is gotten from either TechNet, DreamSpark, MSDN and Windows Store which will be used during installation. 3rd party software can be used such as from ProduKey. On selling of the PC in which windows ten was already activated by the use of a retail serial key, there will be a chance of finding then key for Microsoft ten. The license for windows ten can be linked to the MS account containing an update so that in the case of purchase of another PC, signing in to the MS account which contained the windows ten activation key that shall activate the windows.

Linking of the serial key meant for windows ten to the MS account

On opening settings, go to update and security then click on activation of the existing PC ensuring that the product key used in the activation is genuine and authentic. Look for the section for addition of the MS account. Click on account addition then signing in with the MS account that is yours. After connecting account and PC, the section for addition of an account will disappear.  This will indicate that activation of windows is based on digital licenses that are already linked to the MS account that is next to the labels for activation.

Below you will find a set of non-working product keys for Windows 10. Since software needs to be purchased in order to acquire a license or product key, we can not offer them to you. The ones posted below are just for example and have been voided.



Features for windows ten key

Windows ten is an operating system that is comprehensive, secure and robust. The features include;

  1. A version of the windows store that is updated and added to new features plus an app library that is bigger
  2. Interface improvement that make the windows more accessible and user friendly
  3. The access to Cortana which is a visual assistant for Microsoft that is inbuilt
  1. Faster rendering speed for the page thus improved security  when user is using the internet to browse
  2. An action plus notification center that is advanced which is used for ensuring maintenance and troubleshooting is way easier
  3. Redesigning of the settings panel thus addition of new and many features
  4. With iOS devices, Xbox and Android there is a connectivity that is outside the box
  5. The virtual desktop ids the feature which will allow for the desktop personalization for more than one person on one computer. 

Upgrading to Windows 10

Due to enhancement of convenience, security and functionality that is offered by new versions. Thus most users have been upgrading gradually to then windows version that is latest.

There are hardware requirements that should be complied with before upgrading. They are; a processor of one GHz, a 2 GB minimum Ram, unused space in the hard disk of sixteen Gigabytes and the DirectX 9 graphics card that is compatible.

When upgrading from either windows seven or eight, the steps are few for a genuine operating system; in the windows control panel, click on the windows update. Find the link meant for PC upgrading and click on it. When the window meant for the license agreement pops up, the terms should be accepted so that the installation for windows ten can begin. The instructions are then followed. The wizard for installation shall then start with downloading files that are necessary from the server of the developer, Microsoft. There is need for internet connectivity that is of high speed so that the upgrading process is completed. Huge files amount are downloaded from the server system of Microsoft.

Where to find serial keys meant for windows ten that work

On purchasing the digital version of the OS from the store of Microsoft, a serial number that is valid is sent to the registered email address. Also, on obtaining a new machine, windows will usually be preinstalled and the serial number will be found in the packaging. Buying a windows copy from a dealer who is authorized the key will be on the retail box label.


A serial number that is valid is necessary for activation of the latest OS for MS.  If the serial key or activation key is genuine, the user will be in a position to install windows ten and unlocking of exclusive features.  It is possible to continue using latest windows versions even when there is no serial code that is valid but the user shall encounter various limitations. Use of a key that is genuine assists in accessing unlimited windows ten features.

If the keys fail to work in the PC due to a number of reasons such as corrupted OS files, entries that are invalid or incompatible architecture. Then, just activate windows without using the key. The way out can be the use of a tool kit for Microsoft that is downloadable.

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