Free Product Key for 2016 Microsoft Office

The 2016 Microsoft Office is the update to the previous Microsoft version. The 2016 MS Office is aimed at creating and maintain connections between your co-workers and yourself by the use of several Baked-in smarts that will help you whenever using MS Office. It encourages online sharing of documents that takes place in a workspace that is very collaborative. It contains features that are advanced such as the ones in MS word for the sake of using appropriate context to create richer documents.

Microsoft 2016 contains two applications that are new. The apps are Delve and Sway. It is just like integration of Business intelligence into the Microsoft Excel. Before obtaining genuine serial keys for 2016 Microsoft Office that are genuine, one can try the trail version of the windows.


On the installation of Microsoft office or the activation of 2016 Microsoft office, there is a prompt for entering a twenty five character product key for the 2016 Microsoft office. The 2016 Microsoft Office product key is available on purchasing a 2016 office genuine. The product key will ensure that the copy you get hasn’t yet been used in any PCs other than the terms that have been allowed by the terms of Microsoft Software.

The product key is composed of twenty five characters that will be found in the packaging of a product. The product is activated automatically.

Where to get serial key for a 2016 Microsoft Office

This is solely predetermined by how the 2016 Office was obtained. The source of the 2016 Office is the source from where the 2016 key for Microsoft Office is obtained. It can either be gotten from a store online or physical stores, pre-installation on the device, fetching it from a partner or even a schoolmate.

List for 2016 serial keys for Microsoft Office

A product key is also referred to as a serial key or an activation key. There are several activation keys for 2016 Microsoft Office.

Below you will find a set of non-working product keys for 2016 MS Office. Since software needs to be purchased in order to acquire a license or product key, we can not offer them to you. The ones posted below are just for example and have been voided.

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In case the product key for 2016 Microsoft Office can’t be found or the Microsoft Office has been reinstalled, having associated your Microsoft account with Microsoft Office, there will be no need for a product key for the 2016 Microsoft Office. When Office prompts for a 2016 Microsoft Office, the Microsoft account can be used instead. You can try selection for the Microsoft sign in using an account that is active. Alternatively, the 2016 Microsoft serial key can be entered in the dialog box, then signing in using the MS account that was associated with the 2016 Office.

Advantage of using Microsoft Office

Microsoft assists in the case of a forgotten identity or even password. This is achievable only when using a product that is genuine. There will be a step by step procedure for solving a problem to facilitate using their product with no interruption.  This is very different from when a temporary product key for 2016 Microsoft office is used. The temporary serial key is obtained from the online sites. Plus there will be trouble when trying to use the 2016 MS Office.

Features that are in 2016 MS Office

The features in 2016 MS are ability for the creation, opening, editing and saving of the files in clouds from desktops, search tools for the commands that are present in Word, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint that are called “Send As”, “Tell Me” options that are present in PowerPoint and Word. Plus the co-authoring with the users who are connected to the Office Online in real time.

Other features are Insights that is powered by the Bing. It provides information that is contextual from the websites, on PowerPoint there is the designer sidebar which optimizes the slides layout. Excel has templates and new types of charts such as the boxplot, tree-map, histogram, ring chart (sunburst chart) and the waterfall chart. Templates include calendar and financial templates. PowerPoint has new animation like Morph transition, OneNote has an ability for inserting online videos and PowerPoint, Excel and Word have a feature that is aimed at preventing loss of data.

Excel 2016

It is a latest version for the popular program used for management of the spreadsheets which has been made by Microsoft. It allows for the analysis, management and data sharing in numerous ways. The data analysis tools allow for the tracking and highlighting of the data trends that are important and data sharing.

 Word 2016

It is the program for word processing which is part of a suite for Microsoft Office. It allows for the creation of documents that are professional and of high quality by using tools for document formatting that yield fine results.  

PowerPoint 2016

The developer is Microsoft. It enables the creation of presentations that are of high quality. It is mainly used for academic and business applications as effective and fast ways for the presenting of ideas and information. The 2016 PowerPoint give better editing and collaboration tools abilities.

Outlook 2016

It is an e-mail kind of a program that is quite popular and is utilized by many people all over the world. It is one of the Suite of the products for Microsoft Office. It is used by students and professionals. It gives a promise for great organization of e-mail, communication, features for social networking and search.

Access 2016

It is the database system for management plus it is part of MS Office. It allows tracking of the large data amounts, analysis of data for the various applications and storage of data.

OneNote 2016

It is the digital notebook from the MS Office Suites. A 2016 OneNote will create one single place for the storage of all the information and data. It provides flexibility for the gathering and organization of video recordings, pictures, audio and the texts in just one location of the computer.

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