Free Product Key for 2013 Microsoft Office

The 2013 Microsoft Office succeeded the 2010 Microsoft Office that had many new and advanced features that enabled the use of touch function in devices with touch screens. A device that is touch enabled is necessary for the utilization of the function of multi-touch. The features for this windows are available even on the use of accessible and standard input devices such as the mouse and keyboard.

On the installation or even activation of the 2013 MS Office, the system is prompted for an activation key that is meant for 2013 Microsoft Office. The key is a twenty five character code.

The location of the product serial number is dependent on how the 2013 MS Office was purchased. The key for the windows is usually provided by seller from whom, the product is purchased. It could be in the form of either a softcopy or a hard copy. Installation of the 2013 MS Office requires a product key. It thus is essential to obtain only the genuine and authentic product plus the serial number for 2013 MS Office.

The 2013 MS Office activation key

Some of the advanced features in the 2013 MS Office are a new assistant who is helpful, the touch navigation is good, PDF editing and multimedia features that are advanced. The one drawback is that it almost forces a user to go for cloud usage, plus working using a tablet is possible to a certain point. The Office is usually supported for not only the sixty four bit, but also the thirty two bit application for the clients.

There is a thirty days trial version that is free on the use of 2013 MS Office which allows for testing of the product before purchasing it. The product key ensures an operation that is smooth when using the product for the one month trial period.  One can access OneNote 2013, Publisher 2013, Lync Messenger program, Access 2013, word 2013, Excel 2013 and PowerPoint 2013.

Like any other activation key, the key for 2013 MS Office will be a code comprising of twenty five characters. Some of the examples of 2013 MS Office keys are:

Please make note, you will find a set of non-working product keys for software and their supporting applications. Since software needs to be purchased in order to acquire a license or product key, we can not offer them to you. The ones posted below are just for example and have been voided.

  1. The product key made for the Professional Plus

Some of the keys that are free and effective include; the FCMXCRDWMPR-VOID-GPDVQQ2X, the MT7YNTMV-VOID-X964W77B7R4D, B9GN2DXXQC9D-VOID-GGWCR4X6XK, PGD67JN23KJGVW-VOID-P4GXR9G and the 6PMNJQ33T3V-VOID-3H6XVTX.

  1. The latest key collection for the 2013 MS Office


  1. Serial numbers

The serial numbers for the 2013 MS Office are one hundred percent effective. They include; YC7DKG2NP32-VOID-6H88GVGXT and the YHJBDN-VOID-2XM96XV.

Why 2013 MS Office is chosen

It enables the creation of e-documents and files that are virtual. Thus 2013 Office software will have a high preferential when generating documents either at work or at home.  Many users will rely on MS Office for the creation of various file types. Some of the files that can be created using MS Office include: the Excel files like .xlsx, Word files such as .docx or .doc, PDF files such as .pdf, presentations using PowerPoint such as .ppt and the flyers, brochures and envelopes. The viewer for Visio file is also included.

 2013 Microsoft Office System requirements

  1. Hard disk should have a space of three GB
  2. A DirectX 9 graphic card that is compatible
  3. The processor should either be 32 bit or even 64 bit (1 GHz)
  4. A CPU that is 32 bit should have a Ram of 1GB while the CPU that is 64 bit should be having a 2GB RAM.
  5. Supported display should have a resolution of 1024 by 576

Features of Office 2013 

  1. Creation, viewing and editing of various file formats for Microsoft
  2. Support for the files that are in PDF format
  3. The start screen has been optimized for every app that is bundled
  4. Easy integration with OneDrive, also known as SkyDrive, to enable backing up and sharing of documents
  5. Easy syncing of documents across various devices
  6. A read mode that create an environment that is free from distractions such as notifications
  7. More Excel templates have been added and they have several styles
  8. Easy conversion of the contents of documents into graphs and tables
  9. OneDrive has fifteen Gigabytes free storage space
  10. In OneNote, one can draw, swipe and handwrite notes
  11. File accessibility from anyplace, anywhere and at any time with the use of any device

The location of the 2013 MS Office activation key

A key for SW can be obtained from either a vendor or even the internet. The location of the key is dependent on hoe the product was obtained. The key can be found:

  1. Inside the product packaging if the product was purchased a s a CD or a DVD
  2. If the Office was already preinstalled in the PC there is no need for an MS key
  3. Genuine keys will be sent via email to you in the case where your purchase was digital
  4. Checking the keys from the internet 

Activation of 2013 MS Office via the Internet

The procedure for internet activation is;

  1. Opening of the Microsoft Office version for 2013
  2. After the wizard for activation appears, request for the MS key for activation
  3. Just type the provided key then click for product activation

With fast internet, activation should run for just some minutes.

 Activation of 2013 MS office using a phone

On having the key for 2013 MS Office, product activation will be easy. The steps involved are;

  1. On the installation of the 2013 Office, internet connection is terminated
  2. Office is the opened by visiting all programs in the PC
  3. After office starts, the wizard activation will ask for the Office key
  4. The activation or product key is then entered
  5. The option for product activation by the use of a phone is then clicked on
  6. The number appearing on the screen is dialed
  7. The AVR will provide several options and instructions are followed
  8. The ID confirmation will then be input if the wizard installation prompts for it, then click activate. The MS is ready for use and all features for the MS can be used. 


The 2013 Microsoft Office will allow the user in the creation, editing and viewing of sheets, presentations and documents. There will be a need for product keys for 2013 MS Office in the activation of the office so as to enable using of all features of the product. Always get genuine keys since there are many duplicate, used and fake keys in the internet. 2013 MS Office is being used in document creation. The 2013 MS office is an ideal program for processing of words for either professional or personal use. When the key is not available, the product will still be sued though some features won’ be functional. There will automatic updates on activation of the product.

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